The direct marketing was developed to help professionals and companies to better direct their propaganda, to offer direct products and services and ask the opinion of the consumers.
AMD Database Marketing was created to act in the list industry and help you establish a direct channel with your clients, with agility, economy and without scattering. Our business develops several data base and executes the treatment services, enrichment and up to date data base with maximum efficiency, integrity and safety.


AMD has completed eight years of constant growth, surrounded by principles, keeping commitment with the client and focused in obtaining results.
With competent professionals and with over 15 years of experience in direct marketing, we are specialized in supplying several types of mailings for companies of various activities, sizes and profiles. Using high quality softwares, some of them developed by our own company, and applying modern methodology, we guarantee best results for our partnerships.
Our main objectives are: help clients to reach best results and amplify theirs business, honor the obligation of agility and efficiency in executing services and to always have fair and competitive prices.
We are known in the market for having high accuracy in the       information we give, surveillance applying all procedures and for the privacy, a result of a sigil culture rooted in our company, including the possibility of using a sealed contract.

Mailing Lists

AMD has one of the best lists of consumers and companies in all country. With a constant work in up dating the information, our database offers the best results for our clients.
The consumer lists has different segments such as: sex, age, income and professions. The companies are segmented by branches, business activity, opening date, and number of employees.

Usage and Enrichment

AMD also provides analytical services, checking and correcting the data, aiming unification of structures and the organization of database for the best usage of the information. Also qualifies data, through the addition of new information to the database of the client.
Get in touch with us and make your actions in marketing with who has large experience and has become reference in serving and in high quality work.